Trwbador – ‘Several Wolves’(Out now via Owlet Music)

Trwbador – ‘Several Wolves’(Out now via Owlet Music)

A carless thought on first immediate listen to the album two by Trwbador,‘Several Wolves’ as listened to via iPod as this fool ran some of the north east’s coastline, greeting opening bars as ‘a fair bit a plastic’ was a fair chunk wide off the mark, but as my mp3 playlist had just played through a melody of Alison Goldfrapp’s atmospherics, ‘Severed Wolves’ just started heavier, more in your face, or ears to be more accurate, especially though after discovered between laps that the idea for the album initially came from an essay by French philosophers Deleuze & Guattari, which caused a hovering finger over another touch screen, pausing the tracker/timer, to read on under deep breath fulls of air. . The idea being that the album should work as a pack and to understand the message each song would need to be present serving its function to the whole. Each song was written specifically in relation to a personally experienced aspect of the human condition. It was around this point breaking from the text, thoughts fracture “No one told me there was going to be a test!” I accuse my water bottle, before deciding the fourth listen would be sitting down somewhere warm and comfortable.

The aforementioned song themes include evolution, procrastination, dissatisfaction, extinction and distraction. (these are written under the track list on the album) so not quite too much the wiser, the new single ‘Side By Side’ is by now a more familiar friend, the repeated title refrain resonates in an electro friendly environment. Trwbador are a boy/girl duo from Carmarthenshire in South Wales featuring the exceptional talents of half Welsh, half Dutch singer and producer Angharad Van Rijswijk alongside the intricate guitar playing and productions of the way too talented, Owain Gwilym.  Operating from the attic of a flat they share  in rural West Wales, they create a unique blend of dance floor tinged acoustic electronica that has been catching the attention of national journalists and broadcasters since 2010,  good music has a habit of doing just that. convincing the great, egotistical and good alike. ‘Several Wolves’ continues from more folk-beat drenched begging’s to leave a stronger impression. ‘Breakthrough’ features guest appearances from UK Hip Hop longttmer ESSA aka Yungun and ex Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci songwriter Richard James, so we’re not quite in Kanas.

‘Come To Me Tomorrow’ is adorably scrumptious, whereas ‘CO2’ starts with what can only be describes as if you ever owned the vinyl of Kraftwerk’s ‘Autobahn’ side 2 opens with interspersed synthesised bird twiddlings adding to the suggestion that it’s the next morning,, imagine that with almost industrial backing and you’re getting there, before some European disconnect spoken word. Then we’re closer to home with ‘Blue Minds ft Richard James’ another well crafted song. other highlights include ‘Longing’ and ‘Several Wolves’ are equally adapt added to my some great synth, most of it of a classic nature, all well delivered. The album closes with ‘Love And Folly’ which is more minimal and lighter compared to the heavier synth of early tracks, although the draw is just as strong. Trwbador are more than just a good scrabble score, in ‘Several Wolves’ the Welsh duo along with friends continue to  impressive in much different territory. If you like the accompanying mix, then I suggest you get ‘Several Wolves’ it’s a good beach friendly wholesome  album. 8.3/10
Steve Janes

Trwbador also announce new UK shows:

21st Sept: Laugharne Festival

23rd Sept: Adam Walton (BBC Radio Wales) Presents, Telfords Warehouse, Chester

14th Oct: Huw Stephens Presents, The Social London

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Trwbador – ‘Several Wolves’(Out now via Owlet Music)