TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek to Release new DAVE.i.d EP

TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek to Release new DAVE.i.d EP


London based singular band, Dave.i.d is set to make his eagerly awaited return with the release of a new EP in January on MMW1 Recordings and Dave Sitek’s Federal Prism label.


The ‘Exhibition EP’, self produced and recorded in his own studio, features three brand new tracks including ‘Soul Reprise’, Zulu Bash’ and ‘A World I Didn’t Know’. The EP will be available for download and 12″vinyl release with ‘Zulu Bash’ released as a very limited dub plate on 12” vinyl. The first new material since his 2011 debut album ‘Response’, the new tracks are without doubt his most powerful and ambitious work to date and are a taste of what to expect from his new albumearly next year.


Look out for remixes in the package including Vatican Shadow, and the seminal Front 242 alongside Swedish analogue heroes Frak and House of Trax ‘Rushmore’.



‘SOUL REPRISE’ (4min 16secs)

‘A WORLD I DIDN’T KNOW’ (5min 3secs)

‘ZULU BASH’ (5min 44secs)


Dave.i.d began playing around with computers, guitars, drums and synths in his bedroom and making music in 2006. His first release was the explosive ‘Why Weren’t The Message Sent’ in 2009 recorded at home in South East London. His EP ‘Gangs’ and album would then be recorded in a 4 by 4 metre, mobile, modular wooden cube sitting in the space of a former art gallery. The aforementioned debut album was released two years later to critical acclaim and saw his sound compared to amongst others, Chris and Cosey, Liars, HEALTH and Einstürzende Neubauten.


The new tracks still retain Dave.i.d’s instantly recognisable combination of industrial textures, soulful vocals, haunting synths, metallic electronic beats and wicked rhythms, with real pop sensibility now brought to the fore. Links can be made to the current exciting period in electronic dance music with ‘Zulu Bash’, sharing the sounds, attitude, and textures of the likes of Blawan, Factory Floor, Actress, FuckButtons, and Gesaffelstein’s productions, it’s the touches of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and soulful vocal which sets Dave.i.d apart.  A bitter sweet combination of industrial textures and emotive vocals, with effortless melody. And on ‘Soul Reprise’ and ‘A World I Didn’t Know’ a metallic funk both future and past. In truth, right now there is no one that sounds like Dave.i.d.


UK and European live dates will be announced soon.

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TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek to Release new DAVE.i.d EP