Twin Within Share ‘Horizontal Lines’ EP

Twin Within Share ‘Horizontal Lines’ EP

“Just wanted to introduce you to my new project with Alex Samaras, Twin Within. Our first record is out tomorrow and we wanted to give you a preview.

Download or stream Horizontal Lines below.

This record is basically an experiment that Alex and I have been cooking for 5 years.  What started out as a Steve solo project with Alex singing the back-ups slowly evolved into what you hear: two guys singing in unison and occasionally branching off into that Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel, Kings of Convenience territory.

The songs themselves came together fairly organically over a period of about 4 years. I wrote about 30 songs for the record, so the songs that we decided to record were handpicked because they worked best for unison singing.  We both love Scott Walker and the Beach Boys, so most of the sounds that you’ll hear on the record are pulled from that chamber pop shelf: tic-tac bass, celeste, string arrangements & that big, big room sound.

Thematically, the songs are all about adult life. We’re not kids anymore and it’s weird to write songs about break-ups or getting wasted when you have a mortgage and you’ve been in a relationship for 12 years. Yeryard ‘78 is about architecture, Bernie is about Bernie Taupin, Tunnel to the Reservoir is about wishing for simpler times.  Even the only real love song on the record, As Always, is a very adult kind of love song.  It’s about choosing to stay in a relationship, as opposed to the usual Joni Mitchell song about the honeymoon phase or breaking up.

After about 100 hours of mixing with Kirk Starkey (a classical music wonder), we sent it over to Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering and he put the finishing touches on it, adding that Walker Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel sound. Horizontal Lines is out tomorrow (July 10th) on Hidden Pony and I’m quite excited for you to hear it!”

Steve McKay

Stream /Download Horizontal Lines


Listen to first single “Bernie”

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Twin Within Share ‘Horizontal Lines’ EP