Two Feet releases sophomore EP, "Momentum" | via Majestic Casual Records

Two Feet releases sophomore EP, "Momentum" | via Majestic Casual Records

Two Feet releases sophomore EP,


available June 9, 2017 via Majestic Casual Records

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With 85 million streams to his name, blog favorite returns with the fittingly titled, “Momentum” EP, available via Majestic Casual Records.

The 23 year old found success in a round about way. At 3am in the morning and 3 or so beers deep, New York based artist Two Feet sat restlessly on his friend’s couch, the same couch that had also been serving as his bed for the last few months, in an apartment in Harlem. He was putting the final touches on a song he had written earlier that day – unapologetically titled “Go Fuck Yourself”, the track was written in a three hour blur and he hadn’t given too much thought too until he had sent it to a handful of friends who said differently.  Switching the track to public on soundcloud, Two Feet closed his laptop and let the liquor take him to sleep. By the time he woke up in the morning, “Go Fuck Yourself” had garnered thousands of streams and his inbox was ringing with messages from new fans and prospective labels.

A few months on, Two Feet is reflecting on his debut EP – the appropriately titled, “First Steps.” Independently released, the EP was a collection of 4 songs born out of frustration and a knee-jerk reaction to other projects he had been working. “I kind of just put it up because I was fed up with the other music I was making for other people” Bill says. “I was really not expecting anything to come from it. And to watch it just sort of blow up and see how people have responded to it has been incredible.”

Since it debuted in May 2016 on independent label, Majestic Casual Records, the First Steps EP has garnered over 85 million listens across digital streaming platforms, creeping into major tastemaker playlists on Spotify, with lead track, “Go Fuck Yourself” sitting at over 22 million streams, and hitting number 1 on the HypeMachine charts on a handful of occasions. With praise from the likes of Indie Shuffle and  a slew of other tastemakers, Two Feet has since collaborated with Melvv and toured across the country with JAIN.

Now, the 23 year old Harlem based musician returns with his sophomore EP, Momentum, available via Majestic Casual Records June 9, 2017.

For the most part, Two Feet’s hazy and mellow sound is a nod to contemporary artists like Chet Faker, with a low-key beat that is as subtle as it is unshakeable, but at the core of the his music lies Harlem influences. Tracks like “Your Mother Was Cheaper” bleed with an unabashed blues heart, with flitters of guitar provocatively stacked against an unrelenting electronic backbone. It’s perhaps in this instant where Two Feet’s jazz influences come into play and realising that less can be more, as he nonchalantly and softly croons as the guitar riffs over a soft beat.

“I had been producing a lot of electronic music, so that was at the front of my mind, but I was listening to loads and loads of blues music, and I always had been – I learnt how to play blues guitar,” Bill explains. “So when I sat down to make my own music, all the influences were just sort of there…. and combined,” he notes. With additional hints of indie and r n b, Bill is still getting used to seeing people respond to his music. “The other day someone sent me a snap of Miguel, and he was listening to one of my tracks on the background. That was wild.”

Two Feet’s debut EP might be called, “First Steps,” but since uploading that first track online, he’s certainly leapt of his friends couch and hit the ground running with Momentum.

“I named the EP “MOMENTUM” because it’s a representation of where I’m at in my life.  The songs I wrote on my first EP were spontaneous, and I hadn’t really thought out a whole vision for my project. It was kind of a photograph of my musical inspirations at the time.  People took notice and when I went back to write material for the follow up, it was a challenge I had never had faced before…the idea that people were going to be anticipating and really analyzing my art. I wrote most of the EP during SXSW and my first tour ever (with JAIN), so I was able to test out early versions of the songs to a live audience and have fun with them (I would frequently improvise lyrics to the new songs). When I’m writing – I put my own personal feelings into the music – but I want people to listen to it within their own context, and apply the lyrics/feelings to their own situations. I love how music can be made for the masses but at the same time be really personal.”

Two Feet

find Two Feet: s o u n d c l o u d // s p o t i f y // f a c e b o o k

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Two Feet releases sophomore EP, "Momentum" | via Majestic Casual Records