UK Artists Elea Calvet debut ‘Lust’

UK Artists Elea Calvet debut ‘Lust’

Elea Calvet

Debut Single ‘lust’, Out April 15th

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Elea Calvet has announced the release her debut single ‘Lust’; an electrifying and mesmerising track. Splashed with moody guitar, it describes the internal battle between temptation and sensibility. Her style doesn’t hold back, with lyrics howled, harrowing and raw. 19 year old Elea taps in to music’s emotive foundations with elements of Tom Waits & Patti Smith reminiscent in her lyrical style. Born in Canada & raised in India, Elea has found her feet in the UK were she’s became a key part of Bristol’s creative hub and set about forming a solid base for her music career. As a child, Elea found refuge in poetry and creative writing; influenced by the written work of Bukowski, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. Elea’s transition into music stemmed from learning the Drawmwin and then Yangqin, in an attempt to imitate the music form her personal CD collection. Turning her attention towards guitar, Elea’s music developed its own distinctive roar, reflecting the primal echoes of her surrounding wildernesses. Fierce and captivating, her atmospheric style draws you into a private world and paints a picture through Elea’s unique angle. With the Single Lust due to be released on the 15th of April, Elea is certainly one to watch.

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UK Artists Elea Calvet debut ‘Lust’