Unicycle Loves You – ‘The Dead age’ (Out June 10th via Highwheel Records/Mecca Lecca)

Unicycle Loves You – ‘The Dead age’ (Out June 10th via Highwheel Records/Mecca Lecca)

A fair bet, that I’m heading towards  another comfort zone with Brooklyn’s shoegazey garage rock trio Unicycle Loves You and their mew ‘The Dead Age’ album.  It may just be the guitar feedback and heavier songwriting and production which ads to the band’s debut. interesting to see how things  are on this forth long player. From the first listen the overall sound of ‘The Dead Age’ happily continues to progress, thanks in part to producer Jim Carroll and the mastering skills by the renowned Bob Weston. If former album, ‘Failure’ was their mission statement to add a dirty, unpolished edge to pop music, then ‘The Dead Age’ “is the sound of Unicycle Loves You completely dismantling it”. So settle in, were not quite in Kanas anymore.

The first of twelve tracks, ‘Falling Out’ is the current worthwhile single, the guitar distortion and low in the mix vocals work, ‘We Never Worry’’s sharper intro gives way to more fractured dischords which roam free over and behind the vocal track, without the aggressive guitar play of the opening tracks you’d be left with agit-pop, no bad thing, but the ramped up percussion and pedal friendly guitar notation, making the band’s sound more potent with a good edge, even the odd Jesus And Mary Chain fan, may enjoy such guitar distorted noodlings. Two tracks in and you’re truly convinced this LP is a keeper when you hear ‘Suicide Pizza’ which just shines as a complete favourite, that’s run close by ‘Face Tattoo’ both must have been truly great days in the studio. Not forgetting songs like ‘Endless Bummer’  and the aforementioned ‘Falling Out’ both  work well

‘The Dead Age’ is recommended, if you like goods songs with an edge, deftly portrayed and sharply delivered, then you will find Unicycle Loves You latest album is very agreeable. 8.7/10
Steve Janes

Listen to ‘Falling Off’

Upcoming Tour Dates

4/17 – New York, NY – Cake Shop (w/ Steel Phantoms, High Waisted, and D.A. Stern & The Sanctuaries)

6/07 – Brooklyn, NY – Radio Bushwick (Album Release Show, w/ Lost Boy?, Idgy Dean & Whiskey Bitches)

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Unicycle Loves You – ‘The Dead age’ (Out June 10th via Highwheel Records/Mecca Lecca)