The Unkindness Of Ravens ‘Virus’/’Viper’ (Sonic Fire Records)

The Unkindness Of Ravens ‘Virus’/’Viper’ (Sonic Fire Records)

The Unkindness of Ravens are underground electro duo Nina Wagner (vox) and Ben Raine (bass & vox) and they return with new double A-side single Virus | Viper, was released a few days ago in early October via Sonic Fire Records. The pair have already been compared to acclaimed bands such like The White Stripes and The Kills, however, their sound is darker and heavier, more soulful and progressive.

So ends the press release. ‘Virus’ & ‘Viper’ comes after Nina and Ben spent the first few months of 2011 writing, recording and touring in Germany. Now back in Devils island aka the UK, I can entice you with stating this release has a welcome edge, think The Cramps at their most electronic, now expose said underground electro duo to elements of Kraftwerk Art Of Noise Can and more. Painting with a heavy brush, with sweeping statements but broadly that is at least one or two elements of ‘Virus’, again ‘Virus’ has featured in with Guitars playlists, no surprise then that several mistimed efforts to play air guitar did not go unnoticed.

Watch ‘Virus’

Guitars signal that this a heavier, more of a soundclash underground rock, heir is still an electronic beat, but over layered with major and minor chords to good effect and a good vocal. I am thinking on lines of Queen Adriana, after a right turn just after The Dogbones and before the Hammer madness of Devilish Presley. Except The unkindness Of Ravens perfected most of their sound in Germany, I conclude their mist be some mighty bands in central Europe, either that or spent time at a local autobahn service station had been taken over by a sound engineer more used to working with Kraftwerk, that hope to make the garage a homage to all thinks Stooges and Cramps. That is part of ‘Virus’ and ‘Viper’ charm, it is different. We have been exposed more than most and still enjoy it all. 7.5/10

Steve Janes

and ‘Viper’

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The Unkindness Of Ravens ‘Virus’/’Viper’ (Sonic Fire Records)