The Unravelling – ‘Tear A Hole In The Collective Vision’

The Unravelling – ‘Tear A Hole In The Collective Vision’


Calvary-based art industrial and metal rock duo, The Unraveling have created from out of all their hard work their latest sophomoric album, Tear a Hole in the Collective Vision.  The collaborative project between lead vocalists Steve Moore and the project’s founder and instrumentalist, Gustavo De Beauville, started when the band released their acclaimed full length debut,13 Arcane Hymns.

The band’s first release happened to be a psychoanalytic concept album that was listed in Suite 101’s Top Heavy Metal Albums of 2010.  They went on to garner attention from metal several online news resources that called the release “a surprising firebomb of an album” from, while Pitch Black Magazine called it “a 13-track emotional and industrial-infused metal masterpiece.”

The Unravelling was able to gather accolades wherever they went.  They have since opened for acts such as Helmet and Bison BC, topped the CJSW Metal charts, and have been nominated for three 2010 Alberta Metal Awards, winning in the Best Album Production category.  Their music video for their track, “Move Forward Until You Are Dead,” received attention from a popular website  Directed by Doug Cook, the song was given a worldwide exclusive from the up and coming site.

While the metal rock duo seemed to bode well with their busy lifestyle, frontman Steve Moore’s diagnosis with cancer in 2011 seemed to put back the band a few steps as far as production went.  Because of the cancer, Steve Moore was forced to spend the following year and a half in surgery and recovery, thus putting his collaborative efforts with Gustavo De Beauville into a halt.  Steve Moore was forced to put a temporary break on his and Gustavo De Beauville’s collaborative partnership.

Following Moore’s recent recovery from his cancer, The Unravelling have since moved on to work on their opus, an album, as Moore would have it described as, “complete psychological freedom.”

You could say with the return of The Unraveling in their current release with, Tear a Hole in the Collective Vision, that the rock duo are more focused than ever.  The Unraveling have been through a lot and this shows in their new consciousness of their inner health.  Their collection of rock songs greatly identity with this new consciousness.  They completely grab the listener with their genre-less and no inhibitions technique.

Crowning this mega opus is “The Hydra’s Heart” a track that knows no limit.  It is heavy on bass, and drowning drum techniques.  Moore’s vocals here are like anesthesia and its gratifyingly numbing sensibilities are like liquid fire.  Toxic sounds fill this conundrum of guitar and drum streams, making this metal listen hypnotic.  Baring down into the next track is “Lucky Me”, where it starts out with Moore screaming into the mic.  Synths and other sound effects fill the fraction of every second with haunting and crass sounds.  Distracting and all about destruction, the track gives the impression of blindfolding someone and dragging them around in a truck, not giving them a voice or a choice.  The next track is “Tear a Hole in the Collective Vision” that starts out with droning and a chorus that mumbles and then gathers with speed with a heaving volume that becomes a shriek and then a scream.  It is impressable and loud, with anthem-like principles.

“Out of the Depths” has a winding quality and a depth to the sound that was lacking in the other tracks.  It follows with a good beat and the workings of keyboards and electric guitar plays a vessel in concocting this angular sound.  It is concerned with consumer image and the bereft condition that we are left with in society from the mounting of fear from anti-social activities.  “The Fearless Seed” is bathed in a sense with chanting lyrics and the parallel work of the chorus working with the lead singer, Steve Moore’s, vocals.  It follows a euphoric quality with the instrumentals gathering in speed and working in tandem with the track.

The Unravelling is able to take little pieces of the mundane and put their own spin on things by punting that sensibility against their own musicianship and casting it into spectacular rock metal renditions with the soundscapes that Gustavo De Beauville is able to create as the sole instrumentalist to the band.  They are able to cast reverb within their songs that is enticing and hypnotic.  Following Moore’s troubling diagnosis, De Beauville was able to concentrate and hone his production skills on a wealth of soundtrack work and solo material.  He released his Volume 1 of material in February of 2014, and was soon featured in Guitar World.  Upon return back from their hiatus, De Beauville was able to bring valuable experience to the table from his work on his solo project with his endeavor, Volume 1.  Their more focused veneer on the band have honed together in their sound a recognized depth and attitude, which gives this band a deservedly, 7.8/10.

My Nguyen

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The Unravelling – ‘Tear A Hole In The Collective Vision’