Valentiine Interview–Time To Wake Up

Valentiine Interview–Time To Wake Up

Ahead of their European tour withguitars Jamie Gambino grabbed an interview with Australian grunge band Valentiine to discuss life on the road, writing a ‘pop’ song, a love of Kim & Kelley Deal and being ridiculously good looking…

What can you tell us about the new album, ‘Chucky’ seems a bit of a departure from the material on your first record.

“Chucky was a bit of fun, we wanted to see if we could pull off a pop song and simultaneously adding a little sarcasm, we have actually been quite surprised how many people didn’t pick up on the sarcasm. We are also testing the water to see what the fuck we have to do to get played on Australian radio!”

There seems to be a bit of a resurgence of female bands at the moments, do you think we need a sort of Riot Girl movement right now?

“To tell you the truth we haven’t noticed any girl bands popping up so its hard to say. But there are definitely a lot of ‘boy bands’ popping up everywhere lately ;) honestly, I think the world just needs some good music! Girls, boys, it shouldn’t matter.”

What are your thoughts on Pussy Riot and their unjust incarceration?

“What do you think? We feel the same about it as the majority of the world.”

You are about to embark on your first European tour, how do you prepare for life on the road?

“We don’t. We are pretty spontaneous when it comes to serious things.  we all leave things to the last minute. So day by day is pretty much the way”

Is their anywhere in Europe that you are particularly looking forward to visiting & why?

“We would love to go to as many places as possible. Seeing new music, meeting new bands and people and enjoying the different cultures.”

You have mentioned a love of The Breeders & Veruca Salt, what is it about the 90’s grunge era that impresses you?

“Its honesty. There seems to have been a real commradery between bands and we just love that kind of music like dirty guitars and beautiful melodies, and the nostalgic feeling that we get from it in the shit filled mainstream crap that’s being slammed on the radio over and over again!”

I’ve spotted a Hole sticker on your guitars! Aside from Courtney Love which other female musicians have inspired you?


“Kim & Kelly Deal, Nina & Louise, Kim Gordon, Patty Schemel, Kristin Hersh, but it goes without saying there’s a long list of male musicians who have inspired us equally as much as these wonderful women.”

What modern day bands are you fans of?

“The Instincts (Melbourne) The Blush Foundation (Sydney) NOVA (Hagen, Germany)”

Is their anybody that you would love to support or have support you?

“We would love to support The Breeders”

You have a really cool look – what initially drew me to you as a band & made me want to check you out was seeing a photo that I thought looked like Kat Bjelland (Erica) & Jennifer Finch (Shelly) is image important to you as a band or is it all about the music?

“Well we cant help that we are ridiculously, ridiculously good looking. . . . . . just joking. . .image isn’t important to us, however, it seems to be quite important to society, and that’s why with the video for chucky we thought we would try a little social experiment. Most of our fans understood the concept, however, there have also been quite a few unable to detect the sarcasm. By the way . . . . .how’s my hair?

Catch Valentiine on tour, full dates are on their website

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Valentiine Interview–Time To Wake Up