Valerian Swing share psychedelic new video for ‘Five Walls’

Valerian Swing share psychedelic new video for ‘Five Walls’



Valerian Swing, one of the most interesting bands in the Italian heavy scene released their latest record ‘Nights’ earlier this month. Undoubtedly their most accessible, rich and varied record to date the band have shared a psychedelic new video for the track ‘Five Walls’. Director Simone Montagnani comments:

‘Five walls is about separation, barrier, limit. Since the first time I heard the track, what struck me was the overlapping of many sounds, effects, and details. A world formed by different elements, far away and apparently asynchronous but incredibly capable of harmony: a universe.
The video for Five Walls is born from this dimension, the details taken with the microscope and the motion graphics that blend, represent shades from micro to macro. An intimate journey that breaks barriers and boundaries, lysergic and introspective visions, a tale that simultaneously represents a cosmos as a whole and in detail’.

Watch ‘Five Walls’ here

Composed last summer over a relatively short time period (by their standards) and recorded at the turn of 2016 in Bologna and Reggio Emilia, ’Night’s saw the band work with long time friend and sound engineer Raffaele Marchetti. Mixing of was handled by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis, Botch, Russian Circles, Caspian) at Red Room Recording in Seattle.

‘Nights’ is a record that showcases Valerian Swing’s sublime technique and speed but unlike previous albums the aim was to focus more on the melodic construction of their songs and less on the extreme. The result is an an album that explores more expansive post-rock, rhythmic and cinematic sounds.

’Nights’ was released via Small Pond Records on 12th May with To Lose La Track handling the release in Italy.


Recent press for ‘Nights’

‘Valerian Swing are heading further out with each album. Godspeed them on their way.’ – 4/5 – Kerrang

‘A tuneful and dynamic leap forward for the young trio. Mozzafiato!’ – 8/10 – Classic Rock

‘a blistering yet complex development of their already dynamic sound’  – Prog Magazine

‘turning heads with their uniquely complex yet rousing sound’ – Clash Music


Valerian Swing are:

Stefano Villani: guitars, electronics, vocals

David Ferretti: drums

Francesco Giovanetti: baritone guitar, synths

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Valerian Swing share psychedelic new video for ‘Five Walls’