Velvet Flare – ‘Archetypes’ EP + Video

Velvet Flare – ‘Archetypes’ EP + Video

Velvet Flare

‘Archetypes’ EP

Following the release of the singles “6th of June” and “Animal”, Brisbane rock band Velvet Flare announce the release of their latest single “Ice Age” from their forthcoming EP, Archetypes.

“Ice Age” is a modern tragedy. A girl, who likes her ecstasy, meets a boy whose new drug of choice is crystal meth. In a moment of violence he kills her. The haunting refrain in the outro: “It looks like she showed him now” is pure irony and sadly cynical.

“Ice Age” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Slade Gibson at Slade Gibson Music studio, The Gap, Brisbane.

The new EP contains the new single “Ice Age” and the previous singles “6th of June” and “Animal”. It also contains the brilliant new track “It’s Your Time”.

A recent review of “Animal” by Arun Kendall for Backseat Mafia reads: “Straight out of Brisbane and seemingly via the tenements of London comes Velvet Flare with ‘Animal’, a visceral, angry stab of glam rock that has all the hallmarks of an Antipodean Suede. Singer Paul English has a soaring voice, complete with eviscerating lyrics… This is a refreshing blast of unadorned indie guitar music with all the necessary posturing and sneer any good rock song should have.”

‘Animal’ has had extensive airplay on 4ZZZ and community radio throughout Australia, and has received global radio play through the internationally syndicated show Lopsided World of L.

Velvet Flare was formed by Paul English. He writes the music and lyrics, sings vocals, plays the guitars, and some keyboards. Patrick Kennedy plays piano and most keyboard parts. Patrick also provides live Background Vocals. Slade Gibson is a studio only member of Velvet Flare. He has written and played bass, occasional guitar solos and keyboards parts, and has programmed drums. Slade mixed and mastered the songs.

For Fans Of: Suede | David Bowie | Radiohead


The Archetypes EP by VELVET FLARE will be released 9th of June 2017.





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Velvet Flare – ‘Archetypes’ EP + Video