Vibrant new track from Mozambique’s Deltino Guerreiro

Vibrant new track from Mozambique’s Deltino Guerreiro

Mozambique’s, Deltino Guerreiro, who is set to release his debut album ‘Eparaka’  (translates as ‘Blessed’ or ‘Blessing’ ) in the UK on April 8th.

He crosses genres from Africa with soul, r&b with lyrics in Portuguese, English and Macua. His melodies reflect Arabic music and countries like Mali, Gambia or Burkina Faso.‘Duas Caras’, the track in question almost has a house vibe too

Artist: Deltino Guerreiro


Album: Eparaka


Release Date: April 8th.

The sound of Deltino Guerreiro is the result of his experiences travelling from the north to the south of his country. From soul and r&b to the musical tradition of northern Mozambique, with conscious lyrics in Portuguese, English and Macua, Deltino marks the difference in the Mozambican musical landscape, dominated mainly by rhythms of the south. His melodies reflect the strong influence of Arabic music in the north, sometimes compared to the mandinga melodies of countries like Mali, Gambia or Burkina Faso. Eparaka, from the language Macua, translates as blessing or blessed. This is the first record from this artist from Montepuez, Cabo Delgado and was produced by Milton Gulli (Cacique´97, Cool Hipnoise, Simba & Milton Gulli).


According to his mother and grandfather, Deltino Guerreiro’s first steps were to the sound of music. Born in 1990 in Montepuez, Cabo Delgado in northern Mozambique, Deltino spent the first years of his childhood living with his grandparents. During the elementary school years he helped on the Machamba (family farm) on weekends. After rites of the tribal initiation he moved to the city of Nampula to join his mother and his brothers. In 2002 Deltino began singing in Hip-Hop and R&B groups P.Record and B Star. At 20 years old, Deltino enrolled onto the music course at the House of Culture of Nampula, learning guitar. A year later he left to go to Maputo to attend a degree in Economics and try his luck as a musician in the Mozambican capital. He entered a talent content on a Mozambican TV station in 2011, winning it and continuing to study music in Crossroads Music Academy in 2013. A year later, production started on his debut album on Kongoloti Records.


“Eparaka” is out in the UK on April 8th on Kongoloti Records.

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Vibrant new track from Mozambique’s Deltino Guerreiro