Videodrone Best Bits Of 2012

Videodrone Best Bits Of 2012

Videodrone hasn’t had it easy the last few months with raped retinas, ejaculate on our eyeballs and the fist of film leaving a bruise where you shouldn’t be bruised. Amongst all the perturbed promo videos we have endured for your pleasure, Videodrone has seen Azealia Banks eaten by a shark! Kate Nash having her heart ripped out! Pagan murder rituals and Lindsay Lohan photocopying her snatch for Michael Stipe… harrowing indeed.
Here we present some of our favourite videos of 2012

Grimes aka Claire Boucher impressed most people with her brilliant 4ad debut ‘Visions’. Eccentric to say the least Grimes set out to wow us from the start with clit rings amongst her merchandise and her stunning visual imagery (remember the Jool’s appearance?) ‘Genesis’ features a sword fight on the beach with a Lady GaGa lookalike, as well as an inspired dance off in the desert.

David Byrne & St Vincent teamed up to record the album ‘Love This Giant’ and we knew those creative types wouldn’t disappoint in their promo clip for single ‘Who’.
Seemingly directed by David Lynch, ‘Who’ featured the inebriated ex Talking Head running over 4ad chanteuse Annie and then doing some funky dance moves by the road side..

Django Django had an impressive 2012 releasing a scorching debut that resulted in them being nominated for the Mercury Music prize. Expect to hear even more from the lads as they headline the NME awards tour early next year. ‘Hail Bop’ featured the band lounging around, pushing their big balls up ramps as aneurism inducing graphics swirled around them. Who knew what was occurring but it looked & sounded ace.

Foals returned with ‘Inhaler’ which seemed a bit annoyed by all the electro indie bands who popped up in their absence and were ‘Foals Like’. Here they turned up the amps and created some fierce guitar riffs during an immense chorus.
‘Inhaler’s video featured fireworks, tit tattoos and convulsing young male model types*

*something for everybody

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Videodrone Best Bits Of 2012