VIDEODRONE: Mercury Music Prize Nominee Special

VIDEODRONE: Mercury Music Prize Nominee Special

VIDEODRONE casts it’s beady eye over videos from the ‘most likely to win’ nominees for this years Mercury Music Prize, those with a gambling addiction may want to splash their cash on one or two of the following..


Alt – J’s promo video for ‘Tessellate’ features a youthful, good looking multi cultural line up dancing, hanging around and well that’s it. Nothing else happens at all but I did glimpse a big shark at one point so it isn’t exactly like one of those Calvin Klein advertisements.
Alt-J sound like what Bon Iver may produce if he locked himself away in his cabin with only a copy of ‘Now That’s What I Call R’n’B’ for company. ‘Tessellate’ has a laid-back swagger to it, but really Alt-J make music that sounds like Ed Sheeran for hipsters.

Sheffield’s finest singer songwriter Richard Hawley deservedly scored a huge hit this year with ‘Standing At The Sky’s Edge’ a record that was jizzed upon from a great height by anyone and everyone who hadn’t listened to the Mark Lanegan Band album ‘Blues Funeral’.
Still ‘Sky’s Edge’ is a mighty fine record but seeing as the only video clips I can find are of hallucinogenic blobs morphing into one another I shall move swiftly on.

In the promo clip for ‘Deepest Shame’ full-time urban bad boy and part time actor Plan B is in his nice clean studio while a young woman languishes in a grimy squat. As we get old school video footage our cockney Eminem starts to rap about her life being a mess, Plan B then starts singing in his nice soulful voice* about there being ‘Nowhere back from here’.

A woman then appears with SLAVE written on her back like an escapee from a Prince video. As squat lady gets dragged down the street by various burly bastards I’m unsure what the message actually is but Plan B does try to tackle serious issues, unlike his American rap counterparts who tend to waffle on about bitches & Ho’s dissing their massive knobs**
* I’m not taking the piss he can actually sing
** or something like that


Django Django are the ones I’d put my Mercury money on, their eponymous debut was a quirky indie pop delight and energetic frenetic live shows have seen the Edinburgh lads truly shine. Word of mouth about these guys as well as having the tunes to back it up has helped their ascension and the smart bet is on these scooping the prize from more ‘favoured’ nominees.

Hail Bop is a splendid fusion of 80’s synths and spangly surf guitars, it’s video sees the band lounge around like catalogue models amongst aneurism inducing graphics, I haven’t got a bloody clue what is going on but it is almost literally eye popping and sounds great.

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VIDEODRONE: Mercury Music Prize Nominee Special