Videodrone: NYE Playlist

Videodrone: NYE Playlist

Pixies • Django Django • Peaches featuring Iggy Pop • Soulwax • Metronomy & loads more…

Videodrone likes a good night out, or a good night in – I’m not too fussy as long as the alcohol is intravenous. Seeing as the New Year is fast approaching I have plundered the video vaults, bringing you 10 tracks guaranteed to get you on the floor in someway…

Before they turned into superstar dj’s Soulwax were a pretty amazing indie rock band. ‘Much Against Everyones Advice’ is an underrated gem that will get any party off to a flying start. It’s promo video features the band being chased through the streets and across fields by giant foam letters spelling out lyrics to the song.
Much Against Everyones Advice

Spinnerette were the lovely Brody Dalle’s post Distillers outfit that sadly only made one album (she has a solo record out in 2013) ‘Ghetto Love’ is a fusion of hard rock guitars and dirty synths, the video clip features a top hatted Brody against an ever changing backdrop of spiders! flowers! lightening! before being flanked by about 20 Brody Dalle’s screaming the backing vocals.
Ghetto Love


Peaches & Iggy Pop collaborated for the formers ‘Father Fucker’ album, ‘Kick It’ is the explosive result. Zombies and Peaches’ fuzzy crotch feature heavily in the video… You have been warned.
Kick It

Babes In Toyland are always good to get the adrenalin flowing, ‘Bruise Violet’ from their classic album ‘Fontanelle’ features a blood curdling scream and some fierce grunge guitars. In the video a Courtney Love lookalike gets throttled which will no doubt please some of you..
Bruise Violet

Kristin Hersh’s other band 50 Foot Wave make balls to the wall, post punk heavy rock. ‘Clara Bow’ sees the band in crisp B&W battling song lyrics flying past as well as Kristin’s dancing offspring.
Clara Bow

Pixies should always be on any good playlist and so I’ve included this rocking track from ‘Trompe Le Monde’, the video features the band trying to play ‘Alec Eiffel’ as they’re blasted by a giant wind/smoke machine. Obviously only the glorious Kim Deal manages to remain looking cool throughout.
Alec Eiffel

Bit more classic 4AD now and some Lush. ‘Hypocrite’ was from their pre Brit Pop album ‘Split’ and is a stand out from the bands setlist. How I miss Miki Berenyi who here larks about at a funfair with her bright red locks in pigtails.

Men of a certain age will fondly remember both Miki from Lush and Toni Halliday from Curve – possibly for reasons other than their music..
Curve were utter genius & at least one decade ahead of their time. ‘Horror Head’ features Toni splashing about in a pool of water looking like the sexiest raven haired rock girl ever, the music is bloody good too.
Horror Head

Django Django bring us up to date now as I effortlessly segue from classic indie into joyous electro indie pop – I should be charging you for this. I’ve opted for ‘Waveforms’ because the video features funny lights and silhouetted hand claps, but anything off their remarkable debut will go down well before, during or after a night out.

Metronomy bring this to a close, by now you should be ready to head off into town, or passed out under the tree with baubles in your mouth – I’m not judging, it can happen to the best of us. ‘The Look’ is plinky & exquisite which is possibly not how you will be feeling on January 1st.
The Look

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Videodrone: NYE Playlist