Voivod – BMG Albums

Voivod – BMG Albums



Killing Technology (2CD+DVD)

Dimension Hatross (2CD+DVD)


Released 5 May 2017


Formed in Quebec, Canada, in the early 80s, Voivod are an influential thrash band of serious note and, alongside Annihilator, were one of Canada’s main extreme metal exports. Fluctuating between speed metal and progressive thrash, the band achieved some success in the 80s and, with drummer Away the constant helm, the band are still rocking.

The first album here, RRROOOAAARRR, was originally released in 1986 in Noise Records and showcased some progressive thrash elements. The album opens with some bombastic drums, and the guitars and vocals are ferocious.

While it is pretty intense, tracks like ‘Fuck Off And Die’ do sound like they are tripping over themselves to push further and faster than the debut (something like Second Album Syndrome). That said, ‘Slaughter In A Grave’ has a good riff and it does stand out, while ‘Horror’ does have some mature moments. ‘Helldriver’ is much like having your head taped to a running engine, one for serious speed headbangers.

1987’s Killing Technology, while still influenced by Crossover, and the likes of Kreator and Motorhead, is more progressive. The opening title track is 7 minutes of sheer intensity, the vocals a little less shouty, the guitar more cohesive, there’s more direction. The bass guitar work on ‘Overreaction’ is really worth checking out, while ‘Tornado’ really whips up a storm. Beginning to end this album is a serious, mature thrash album with an extra dimension over the previous offering.

1988’s Dimension Hatross follows a similar vein, with production that makes Rrroooaaarrr seem tinny and thinly produced.  Several tracks begin with an effects intro yet are as bombastic as over, with some seriously good and ear shredding riffage. Then there’s the cover of the Batman theme, finish with some thrashing fun.

The music is less solid than their twin guitar contemporaries of the genre, but it is certainly as blistering and, as the bonus live material shows, extremely energetic.

All three come with a bonus CD and a DVD, with demo and live material as well as artwork and slideshows, as well as some extensive sleevenotes. Music aside all would get 5/5 on expansion and packaging.


Rrroooaaarrr – 6.8/10

Killing Technology 8/10

Dimension Hatross 8/10

Joe Geesin



Disc 1

1 Korgüll the Exterminator [Explicit]

2 Fuck Off and Die [Explicit]

3 Slaughter in a Grave [Explicit]

4 Ripping Headaches [Explicit]

5 Horror [Explicit]

6 Thrashing Rage [Explicit]

7 The Helldriver [Explicit]

8 Build Your Weapons [Explicit]

9 To the Death [Explicit]

Disc 2 Spectrum ’86’No Speed Limit Week-End’; Live at Montreal, October ’86

Disc  3 DVD

Live NYC USA 5/5/86

Live At Long Beach 14/6/86

Live @ Jonquiere High School Canada 20/12/84

Live @ Jonquiere Cultural Centre Canada 27/1/84

Artwork slideshow

Voivod – Snake (Denis Bélanger): vocals

Piggy (Denis D’Amour): guitar

Blacky (Jean-Yves Thériault): bass guitar

Away (Michel Langevin): drums

Killing Technology

Disc 1

Killing Technology



Too Scared to Scream

Forgotten in Space

Ravenous Medicine

Order of the Blackguards

This Is Not an Exercise


Disc 2

Live In Montreal, Spectrum, September 1987

Disc 3 DVD

Live In Brussels, Belgium 28/11/87

Live in Westland MI USA  14/5/87

Live At Sargans Switzerland 1987

Live At Tuttlingen Germany 1987

Live At Rex Club Paris France 1987

Live At Toronto Canada 1987

Artwork Slideshow

Voivod – Away (Michel Langevin): drums

Snake (Denis Bélanger): vocals

Blacky (Jean-Yves Thériault): bass

Piggy (Denis D’Amour): guitar

Dimension Hatross

Disc 1



Tribal Convictions


Technocratic Manipulators


Macrosolutions to Megaproblems

Brain Scan

Psychic Vacuum

Cosmic Drama


Disc 2

Live At the Spectrum, Montreal 1987

Disc 3 DVD

Dimension Hatross Demo

Live Detroit 1988

Live Houston TX 1988

Live CT 1988

Live Long Beach CA 1988

Artwork Slideshow

Voivod – Guitars: Piggy (Denis D’Amour)

Bass: Blacky (Jean-Yves Thériault)

Drums: Away (Michel Langevin)

Vocals: Snake (Denis Bélanger)

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Voivod – BMG Albums