Voter Fraud and Suppression Doc – Out Tomorrow

Voter Fraud and Suppression Doc – Out Tomorrow

The American struggle for the right to vote.

I am excited to announce that Answering the Call comes out tomorrow on iTunes and Amazon. This film started as a project o document my uncle’s story and quickly evolved into an exploration of the state of voter suppression today in America. The film features interviews with Congressman John Lewis, Ari Berman (The Nation), Hank Sanders (AL State Senator), John Merrill (AL Secretary of State), Susan Watson (ACLU of Alabama), Deborah J. Vagins (ACLU National), and Zoltan Hajnal (University of California San Diego).
I would love for your publication to review the film and have included a link to a press screener below. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy watching.
Brian Jenkins, Director

Answering the Call comes at a pivotal time, when more and more young people are questioning the point of voting, a right that so many bled for. Jenkins’ methodical approach to this daunting subject is straightforward and without slant, well-reasoned and nonpartisan.    – The Huffington Post
The doc doesn’t just trace the history of black disenfranchisement, it’s engaged in the now … and it’s amazing to hear the Secretary of State of Alabama letting NASTY racist dog-whistles fly so freely while discussing the franchise.    – Dangerous Minds

“Brian Jenkins does a stunning job of connecting the struggle of the 1960’s civil rights movement with today’s struggle for all people to have the unfettered right to vote. This important film to show that the struggle for our fundamental rights is still necessary to make sure all Americans are free to vote.”

– David Goodman, brother of Andrew Goodman and President of The Andrew Goodman Foundation

Preorder on iTunes (Coming October 25)

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Voter Fraud and Suppression Doc – Out Tomorrow