Wah Wah Club – ‘Bitten By The Devil’ (Wah Wah Club Records)

Wah Wah Club – ‘Bitten By The Devil’ (Wah Wah Club Records)

Go on, name a band to come from Milton Keynes. Difficult isn’t it?


Well there’s now an answer to that question: Wah Wah Club, who according to the press release formed in 2013 and previously released one digital only single ‘I Ain’t Got The Time No More’ last year.


This their second single ‘Bitten By The Devil’ is superb, it starts slowly with a gentle guitar intro before being accompanied by haunting, husky vocals that offer no hint of what is about to come, suddenly exploding into a whirling maelstrom of huge grunge riffs that would be at home on any Queens Of The Stone Age, Nirvana or Pearl Jam track, before building into a feverish dervish that suddenly ends and leaves you screaming “more”. No doubt a brilliant climax to a live show.


An honourable mention has to go to producer Charles Rees who has worked with Paul Weller, The Rifles, Ocean Colour Scene etc. and this record proudly stands shoulder-to-shoulder with any work from those bands


Three-minute rock songs just don’t get any better than this! 8.2/10

Ray Nicholl


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Wah Wah Club – ‘Bitten By The Devil’ (Wah Wah Club Records)