THE WALKING WHO release convention-defying debut album LEWISIDE

THE WALKING WHO release convention-defying debut album LEWISIDE


They present you with Lewiside

FBi Album of the Week


Sydney dreamers and musical innovators The Walking Who are making the seminal statement of their career with their long-awaited sophomore LP, Lewiside.


What is Lewiside?

It’s the time away from the family to get the promotion.

It’s the blood on your diamond ring.

It’s the devastated forest for your corn chip.

It’s the dark side of making a good thing.

For us it’s an album that came at the cost of friendships, relationships and the trust of the kind people who believed in us. Not because of some dated notion of how you should behave when you’re in a band. But because making a record in Sydney in 2015 on the favours of those around you, can be tough.

At the beginning of December, the beginning of summer, the happiest time of the year we present you with an apology.

We present you with Lewiside.

– The Walking Who


Dropping an album with little fanfare at the start of the holiday season, when many music industry professionals are winding down for the year and the media are stepping away from their desks, is unconventional at best. But that’s the point. The Walking Who are interested in the people who have come to them over the years, asking, “When’s the album coming?”


Recorded completely independently by the band from locations as remote as Iceland (thanks to their winning FBi Radio’s Northern Lights competition) to Sydney squats in their hometown,‘Lewiside’ is a daring venture in self-exploration and expression that seriously tested the band’s resourcefulness and psyche over the last 18 months. There’s nothing The Walking Who value more in their artistry than their own integrity: their songs, production, music videos and photos are all their own. Their philosophy of self-sufficiency shines through in the sparse, glistening spaces and dark, muffled corners of ‘Lewiside’. It flows smoothly, from song to song, seeing them meander curiously through a changing landscape of genres without pitching the tent in any.


The Walking Who have toured Europe, played as part of UK radio behemoth XFM & Communion’s joint live music show, and taken to the stage at the Citadel Festival.   In Australia they have played Newtown Festival, Volumes, King St Crawl, Farmer and The Owl, Yardfest and their own headline shows over the year. Their single ‘With Roses’ saw out 2014 perched proudly in FBi Radio’s Top 10 Most Played tracks, spins on triple j, BBC 6Music and XFM. In the new year, they’ll play the FBi SMACs festival on Sunday 10 Jan and release their trademark self-produced live videos.

This is a band that has rejected all convention and defy conformity by releasing a body of work that is a musical diary of the bands creativity throughout the past 18 months.

‘They’ve put out their most impressive release to date, Lewiside. It’s a sprawling, psychedelic feast from a band whose reverb-soaked, atmospheric sound is as rich as it is distinctive. Lewiside from The Walking Who is our Album of the Week on FBi’. David Goldschmidt, FBi









This is their time – so pay attention.FBi Radio

Walking a careful line between the sounds of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and DeerhunterNME Magazine

One of the most exciting and innovative sounds to emanate from Aussie shoresTone Deaf

It’s the perfect combination for manufacturing guitar-pop that will defy boundaries and surely lead to many more plaudits in the future. Most definitely a band to start following.Sound of Confusion (UK)

Their sound and line-up is amoebic with the super talented three members able to roll with whatever’s smokingThe Music

Comparison to the likes of The Flaming Lips, Future Islands and more coming thick and fast Pilerats

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THE WALKING WHO release convention-defying debut album LEWISIDE