Watch: Shay Lia presents ‘Losing Her’ produced by Kaytranada.

Watch: Shay Lia presents ‘Losing Her’ produced by Kaytranada.

Shay Lia

‘Losing Her’

Produced by Kaytranada

Released March 24th 2017


‘Shay Lia’s voice is soft and angelic, and laid over top of Kaytranada’s disco-funk inspired production makes it sound like both a throwback and a futuristic single at the same time’. Noisey


Shay Lia has just revealed an introductory video for a new track ‘Losing Her’ produced by Kaytranada, which aims at to set the tone for busy year of upcoming official single releases to be announced over the next few weeks.

Watch ‘Losing Her’

With ‘Losing Her’, Shay addresses the sometime paradoxical relationship between music industry and its artists and how she vows to remain true to herself whatever the future may hold, ‘We all become what we once hated, but not please honey, not you.’


Shay Lia is originally from France but grew up in Djibouti, East Africa. Most recently she has been studying for a degree in Montreal; a multicultural city also known for being a prolific music scene. Whilst wandering around town during her first year, Shay connected with hotly-tipped producers from the HW&W crew. She was eventually invited to collaborate on writing tracks some of them thought would be a great fit for her alongside showcasing her vocal talent.

Collaboration is at the essence of Shay Lia’s craft initially resulting in Virgo with STWO and Three Months with Kaytranada alongside ‘Leave Me Alone’, which currently stands at over 7-million Spotify streams and featured as the lead single on Kaytranada’s 99.9% album released last year. Shay has also collaborated with BadBadNotGood and XO.


Alongside announcing another single very soon, which is another collaboration with Kaytranada & BadBadNotGood. Shay is also making plans to bring her live show to London this autumn. More details to follow.

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Watch: Shay Lia presents ‘Losing Her’ produced by Kaytranada.