Watch Smiley & The Underclass’ new video

Watch Smiley & The Underclass’ new video

Think King Tubby meets The Clash and Bob Dylan in a dark alley with switchblades. Intense, melodic and socially conscious in an era of orange maniacs and environmental crisis, Smiley & The Underclass are chaos in a heavy groove.



unveil new video

‘Jump The Barrier ’


from their debut album



Smiley And The Underclass proudly announce the release of their new video for Jump The Barrier.

Jump The Barrier armed with a heavy riff and a catchy as hell chorus delivers a positive message to lift the sprits in these uncertain times. Britain is in chaos. Division, fear and a rabid right-wing press have stifled the unity of the United Kingdom – Brexit rules the day.  As much as politics (or politricks) have divided us, Smiley & The Underclass seek to bring people together.

Shot by Japanese film makers Haruki Okuyama and Yukitaka Anemiya, the video takes its inspiration from the bands debut album artwork by Italian surrealist “Ronch”.

Watch Smiley and the Underclass burn it down with the Jump The Barrier video, here  :

If the previous single  Its All England is their manifesto, then Jump The Barrier is the Anarchist’s Cookbook and packs a punch that’ll keep your head spinning for days.

Jump The Barrier is taken from Smiley & The Underclass’ incendiary debut album Rebels Out There the  recorded at Mick Jones of The Clash’s studio. Rebels Out There is the soundtrack to a revolution that speaks for People, Planet and Positivity.

Smiley & The Underclass are a London band as only a London band can be, four nomads from different points of the compass, they are a rebel shout from a world on fire, a musical call-to-arms invoking a passion and honesty rarely seen in these times of cardboard cut-out pop-pollution.

Infused with the bass-heavy vibrations of Roots and Dub music, and the deadly concoction of lyrics and guitars reminiscent of The Clash and Bob Dylan, Smiley sings the revolution blues with a burning fire largely missing from today’s music scene.  Heavyweight horns punktuate the skank of urgent guitars driven by relentless rhythms that are guaranteed to move ideas and dance halls across the UK.

The Underclass are Punky Reggae monsters, with catchy tunes and skanks sliced together with mind-altering garage guitars.  As catchy as Arctic Monkeys but South of the border, as young and endearing as Jake Bugg, but unadulterated by pop and as cool as King Krule but with a rootikal injection; The urgency is real and carries a climate conscious message powerful enough to awaken all punk rockers and roots rebels in this modern era.

With a debut EP under their belt, the band are lying in wait with their first album, Rebels Out There. Recorded with reggae legend and UK sound system pioneer Nick Manasseh,, expect heavy detonation, a musical explosion to shake the core of the UK.

Smiley & The Underclass don’t like to ‘beat people over the heads’ with the lyrics on the new album and made a conscious effort to not use any names, because “that ages everything” – Smiley explains “I remember listening to ‘Taxman’ by the Beatles and wondering who Mr. Wilson and Mr. Heath were. It’s the same with talking about David Cameron, Theresa May or even Trump. The themes are there and are pretty obvious for anyone who’s willing to listen: environmental apocalypse, inequality, the death of reason and the rise of bullshit. The weird thing was that we wrote the album before the Brexit vote and the US elections. We were singing about building walls and making truth long before these arseholes came and turned reality on it’s head.”

Smiley & The Underclass is made up of a spaced-out, vibesed-up bass player, a white Rastaman on deadly lead guitar, a bionic Japanese punk on drums, and a singer possessed with the spirit of musical righteousness, here to spread a positive message on issues like climate change, consumerism, inequality and racism.

With revolution on the cards and social unrest all over, Smiley & The Underclass capture the spirit of the times and Rebels Out There is a clarion call for the disenfranchised.


The soundtrack to the revolution is here. All you have to do is tune in….

REBELS OUT THERE track listing

  1. Its All England.
  2. Rebels Out There
  3. Truth & Rights
  4. Now You Know
  5. Another Kind Of Human.
  6. Want Stuff / Make Stuff.
  7. Machiavelli Blues.
  8. Babylon Is Spiralling Out Of Control.
  9. No One’s Getting Out.
  10. Jump The Barrier .

Label : Bredda Recordings

Cat number : S&U001

To order Rebels Out There go to :

Smiley & The Underclass  are

Smiley – Vocals, rhythm guitar

Jay Hirano – Drums, percussion

Ryan Windross – Bass

James Shephard – Lead guitar


Smiley & The Underclass Tour Dates


16th   The Undercover Hippy , New Cross Inn London

19th Landed Festival


02nd Worker’s Club  King Lynn


07th Asylum  Chelmsford


03rd Facebar  Reading

“We live in a time of hypnosis, but Mother nature demands that we wake up

We Hope this album serves as a reminder to the listener of the positive power we each hold in our hearts and minds, that we might use such power for good in time of hate”


Smiley & The Underclass

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Watch Smiley & The Underclass’ new video