Watch Tori Vasquez’s New Video for “Keep in Mind (A**hole)”

Watch Tori Vasquez’s New Video for “Keep in Mind (A**hole)”

Track Now Available for Download

But unlike other songs declaring the singers’ assholedom (Kanye is the first who comes to mind), she’s neither using the lyric as excuse or self-deprecation; she’s just stating a fact and letting herself live” – The Muse
Pitched somewhere between the stark melancholy of the Patsy Cline/Loretta Lynn school of country and the pained resolve of the Amy Winehouse/Adele school of soul” – Elmore Magazine

Singer-songwriter siren and multi-instrumentalist Tori Vasquez has quickly become renowned in her native Texas for her beautiful melodies and truthful storytelling. Her newest single, “Keep in Mind (A**hole)” is no exception. Tori describes the song by saying, “this is me trying very hard to not hide who I am and to not be ashamed or feel guilty for it.” Armed with some talented dancers, this is a video you don’t want to miss.

Watch the music video below, which premiered on Jezebel’s The Muse and download the track on iTunes.

Growing up in a family spanning several generations of musicians and songwriters, it was perhaps inevitable that Tori Vasquez would quickly find her own unique voice & path in today’s music world.

Equipped with the rare courage to sing exactly what’s on her mind, it’s no surprise that the buzz surrounding this talented woman led her to be signed to acclaimed indie label Brando Records. Shortly after being signed Tori released her debut EP, Let It Go. The next year found Tori touring the world, performing everywhere from Austin to Los Angeles, London to Berlin.

Tori entered the studio last year to record her upcoming debut full-length album, which is slated for release later this year. The album, entitled Go Thank Yourself, is sure to make huge waves in the indie music scene. From the first listen it is obvious that this release is not just a collection of stand-alone songs to be randomly picked over. Rather, her music begs to be listened to over and over, working through a variety of complex intricacies.

Stay tuned for more news from Tori Vasquez and the release of her debut full-length release later this year.

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Watch Tori Vasquez’s New Video for “Keep in Mind (A**hole)”