We Are Augustines Due To Play Last.fm Session

We Are Augustines Due To Play Last.fm Session

We_Are_Austines_menuWe Are Augustines are due to play the final Last.fm exclusive pop-up of the year at The Book Club in London. I was hoping to get some news up on the site especially since this is the last one of the year and they’ll be performing a lovely acoustic session… and… it’s free!



Latest mailout about We Are Augustines:


Last.fm pop-up session info:



More about We Are Augustines

Emotionally charged, stadium-ready indie rock outfit We Are Augustines was formed in 2009 by Billy McCarthy, Eric Sanderson, and Rob Allen after the dissolution of the similarly themed Pela. After Pela’s breakup, McCarthy and Sanderson decided to pursue the batch of songs that were intended to appear on the ousted group’s sophomore outing, and put them toward a new project. The resulting Rise Ye Sunken Ships, which tows the line between the spirited expansiveness of early U2, the lit-heavy heartache of the Hold Steady, and the introspective alt-rock of the National.

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We Are Augustines Due To Play Last.fm Session