Wesley Fuller reveals Runaway Renee video

Wesley Fuller reveals Runaway Renee video

Wesley Fuller announces details of his debut 5-track EP on 1965 Records.

Watch ‘Runaway Renee’ video

‘Springy hair, crunchy guitars and the catchiest chorus I’ve heard in ages: yup, Wesley Fuller’s probably a die hard Marc Bolan fan… full of life and energetic… It’s all about how heavy and high up the drums are in the mix, really, pushing past Fuller’s Beatlesque tale of teenage lust… from a similar place as The Undertones’ ‘Teenage Kicks’, or Weezer’s ‘Buddy Holly.’ – NME

Having ‘arrived’ earlier this year with his debut UK release, Melvista, a track which gathered support from the likes of Lauren Laverne on 6Music and the NME, Melbourne’s Wesley Fuller has announced details of the release of a 5-track EP on 1965 Records.


Released on Friday 8th July 2016, the track listing of the EP is as follows:

1.   Change Your Mind

2.   Melvista

3.   Runaway Renee

4.   Shock Me

5.   The Dancer

Available on 12” & DL, the EP is available for pre-order now via the following link. Melvista will be made available as an ‘instant grat’ with all pre-orders.


Talking about the recording of Runaway Renee, Fuller said:

The song came about one hot, sleepless summers night whilst messing around with a drum machine & a 12 string in my share house. I’d been trying for weeks to write a song about a girl who’d hooked up with my housemate. I didn’t know a single thing about her so I had no idea what to write about but I had the melody for what would become Runaway Renee. The story I borrowed and poetically adapted from a group of friends in a band who often toured down the east coast. They always travelled with their girlfriends and lovers, one of whom happened to be an absolute stunner. She wore a dress that looked like it was made out of the cover of The West Coast Pop Art Experimental band’s debut album cover. The song definitely has a West Coast, summer of love, sunshine pop kinda vibe as I was listening to a lot of Mamas & Papas and Nuggets at the time. I wanted the drums to sound like they were recorded in a psychedelic vacuum so I solo’d the under snare mic and ran it through some obscene compressors which in a way gives it a shitty lo-fi vibe, but hey, at least I tried!

The EP sees Fuller backed by a troupe of Melbourne’s brightest players – Liam Hopkins (lead guitar), Brendan West (bass) & Brett Wolfenden (drums). A charismatic character with a penchant for the neo-psychedelic, Wesley waltzes confidently onto any stage and the EP sets the scene with its technicolour assault of catchy melodies, glorious harmonies and thumping disco beats.

Melvista was accompanied by a video filmed at Melbourne’s Bakehouse studios, which features Fuller and his friends tearing up the Ladies Room in a parody of classic Times Square debauchery and hedonism.  The video can be viewed here.


UK dates will be announced shortly.




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Wesley Fuller reveals Runaway Renee video