THE WILDHEARTS + Von Hertzen Brothers – 02 Academy Newcastle: 13/04/2014

THE WILDHEARTS + Von Hertzen Brothers – 02 Academy Newcastle: 13/04/2014

The WILDHEARTS + Von Hertzen Brothers – 02 Academy, Newcastle: 13/04/2014 2014

The Wildhearts’ front man Ginger is clearly a bloke with great musical taste. He’s been a fan of the Von Hertzen Brothers for many years and personally endorsed them saying ‘they’re one of the best bands in the world’.

Von Hertzen Brothers are a Finnish five piece formed by three brothers; Kie, Mikko and Jonne von Hertzen back in 2001 and now onto their sixth album ‘Nine Lives’, they held the attention well of the somewhat subdued audience anticipating The Wildhearts.
I have to admit, I was a little mesmerised/befuffled at the Von Hertzen Brother’s sound. Overall it is perfectly suited to the rock market, but it also plays to different tunes and curves in and out to wonder whose influence you could hear within their set.. Perhaps late nineties Terrorvision quirkiness, some hints of folk and early seventies progressive rock the next! All hail the psychedelic-inducing Moog synthesiser!! Weird and wonderful interplay vocal-wise too; Plus, what is it about Scandinavian guys, how come they’re always so good looking..?!

Ahem.. moving on.
Next up after a short break – just enough time for half a lemonade from the bar – came The Wildhearts, with Ginger and co-guitarist CJ leading the vocals, the crowd surged forward and both sang and bounced along to the jaunty opener, ‘TV Tan’.
Then plenty of the old favourites from their 1994 album ‘Earth vs The Wildhearts’, ‘Caffeine Bomb’, ‘Suckerpunch’ with my personal favourite, the catchy ‘My Baby Is A Headf*ck’ followed swiftly along with barely any of the band coming up for air!

A very sweaty energetic night with great audience rapport especially on home turf for South Shields born Ginger. This is the type of fantastic entertainment you’ll always get as anyone who knows The Wildhearts. I did however think the old 02 Academy floor would give way at some point with the amount of bodies jumping and swaying together, but the floorboards held well, just shook a mighty lot. I nevertheless, played safe at the bar side soaking up the heady atmosphere with a big smile on my face.
A genuinely great rock night out! 9/10

Words & all live photos by Elaina Thompson

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THE WILDHEARTS + Von Hertzen Brothers – 02 Academy Newcastle: 13/04/2014