William Alexander Reveals New Video On Pop Matters + Debut LP Out Today!

William Alexander Reveals New Video On Pop Matters + Debut LP Out Today!

William Alexander Releases Debut LP

Strangest Things

Reveals “I Won’t Bite” Video on Pop Matters

“…a home recorded set of soft-psych songs based around tape loops, intoxicatingly strange atmospheres, and Alexander’s idiosyncratic songwriting.” – Under the Radar
“Alexander takes the listener on a hushed psychedelic trip…“ – Nerdist
“[F]eels singular in focus, allowing the persistent drum work and guitar chords to wrap themselves around you, squeezing tighter with every progression.”Indie Shuffle
“Alexander builds golden vintage gems off of muddied hip hop rhythms that contain the lo-fi luster of songs that possess that familiar cadence of a classic pop song recalled from the corner storage banks consciousness and memory.” – Impose
“William Alexander is an intrepid, indie-pop craftsman of songs with a wild, genre-bending aesthetic that pulls from seemingly incongruous eras.” Bandcamp
“’Lost In The Fire’ is dreamy lo-fi indie with secret Mickey Baker guitar parts and a cheerfully cracked melody that sounds like cartoon birds chirping at the sunrise.”
– L.A. Record
“Alexander weaves together a myriad of sounds both electric and haunting to create something new and exciting.” Examiner
“William Alexander offers just the right amount of strange” The Deli
“[T]he unique character of Alexander’s pop genius mixed with the wry, warped sensibilities of local contemporaries like Ariel Pink.” – Speak Into My Good Eye
“What makes this debut a real gem is its seamless quality between genre. Sometimes dreamy, sometimes free-flowing, and sometimes intricately focused, Alexander has made something special no matter what level of pop culture he dips into.”Selective Memory Mag


Unearthed after nearly five years in quarantine, William Alexander is proud to reveal his debut LP, Strangest Things, out now via Yellow K Records/Forged Artifacts. Recorded in Alexander’s Fullerton, CA bedroom, Strangest Things could have easily become a musical oddity, instead evolving into a cerebral and dazed collection of finely crafted pop classics.

A video for “I Won’t Bite” accompanies the LP with hip-hop indebted beats and stoned atmospherics. Debuted on Pop Matters today, the video showcases the talents of renowned dominatrix Rebecca Knox in compliment to Alexander’s coolly jaded sound.
In association with Yellow K Records and Forged Artifacts, Alexander’s Strangest Things, though seemingly an assortment of relics represents a shedding of the past with dreams of a more direct future. William Alexander finds his voice in warped, blooming songs with singular and unique intent.

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William Alexander Reveals New Video On Pop Matters + Debut LP Out Today!