Wind Up Birds Release ‘Cross Country’ single out Mon 30th April 2012

Wind Up Birds Release ‘Cross Country’ single out Mon 30th April 2012

The Wind-Up Birds are from Leeds. The Wind-Up Birds are not from Leeds (as in, United, Harvey Nics and Moyles). The Wind-Up Birds are from Leeds (as in, David Peace, Alan Bennett, The Wedding Present and Gang of Four). They are named after a book by Haruki Murakami. They write songs about car parks, and songs about pubs, and songs about work, and songs about escape. With Guitars, in an attempt to join the growing chorus of approval – we are blown away by ‘Cross Country’.

Do you only remember the things you’d rather forget? This is The Wind-Up Birds

Do you only make things worse for yourself? This is The Wind-Up Birds

Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere but home? This is The Wind-Up Birds

Two years ago, they started releasing records. Specifically, they released ‘Tyre Fire’, the first of three limited 7” singles put out by Sturdy Records. Alongside its successors (the ‘Courage, for Tomorrow Will Be Worse’ EP and ‘Meet Me at the Depot’) it won plaudits far and wide, was played for weeks by Lamacq on 6Music and won them support slots with Art Brut, The Wedding Present, Jeffrey Lewis and others.

Did your teacher ever stare blankly whenever you opened your mouth? This is The Wind-Up Birds

Is it hard to get served at the bar? This is The Wind-Up Birds

Do you get confused in heavy traffic? This is The Wind-Up Birds

Do people invade your personal space every minute of the day? This is The Wind-Up Birds

In an era when most new music is vacuous and illiterate enough to make you doubt you’ll ever hear a memorable lyric again, the insight, perception and wit that The Wind-Up Birds casually toss in our direction is almost embarrassing. Like all great pop, The Wind-Up Birds both reflect and transcend the mundanities of the times they exist in. Vocalist/lyricist Paul Ackroyd has the scathing satirical bite of Mark E Smith, the warmth and pathos of Alan Bennett, the forensic observations of Jarvis Cocker, the kitchen-sink emotional clout of Morrissey; it’s all there, set to a cathartic post-punk racket that’s as unflinchingly messy and beautifully ugly as, well, life itself.

Do you find it hard to return faulty goods? This is The Wind-Up Birds

Do you walk quickly through retail estates? This is The Wind-Up Birds

Do you take the stairs? This is The Wind-Up Birds

‘Cross Country’ is taken from ‘The Land’, an album about Englishness, communication, isolation and community released on 14th May. Featuring a sprinkling of tracks from all three previous singles (some in rerecorded form) alongside a wealth of new material, it is the album the band have been promising to make from day one, and then some. There will also be a download only teaser single in the form of Cross Country, available (along with a couple of exclusive B-sides) from from April 30th. Keep an eye out for the video.

Upcoming live shows:

20th April – Eiger Studios, Leeds w/ The Brute Chorus

3rd May – Fox & Newt, Leeds

11th May – Brudenell Social, Leeds (Album Launch)

26th May – Blueroom, Blackpool


“blinding…laden with angsty observations and political disillusion delivered without ever sounding trite” – Drowned In Sound

"Coming off somewhere between The Fall and Art Brut, Leeds’ literary punksters The Wind-Up Birds are showing melodic promise and attitude to boot … a thrashing celebration of laziness and pop ambition." – 4 out of 5, Danny Canning, Artrocker

" a band whose vision is obscured by a grim drizzle that just won’t shift… a gift for sharp storytelling via explorative and cunning lyrics" – A New Band a Day

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Wind Up Birds Release ‘Cross Country’ single out Mon 30th April 2012