The Wytches, Superfood, more: This Feeling I.o.W. this weekend

The Wytches, Superfood, more: This Feeling I.o.W. this weekend

Jack Rocks This Feeling at Isle Of Wight Festival 2017


From Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th June, Jack Rocks is heading to the Isle Of Wight Festival for the third year in a row. The true spirit of rock’n’roll, This Feeling, will be joining them again with a plethora of the best ENTERTAINERS.

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The Wytches and Superfood will headline the Jack Rocks This Feeling stage at this year’s Isle Of Wight Festival with a select bill featuring some of UK circuit’s fastest rising star names;

The Shimmer Band, Bang Bang Romeo, Gutxi Bibang, The Sundowners, Trampolene, The Blinders, The Wholls, Blackwaters, Paves, Yonaka, The Assist, Shambolics, Broken Witt Rebels, False Heads, Strange Bones, Vida, White Room, Jordan Allen, The Strawberries,The Luka State, The Cosmics, Sheafs, Dantevilles, Himilayas, Emily Cappell, Stillia, Monico Blonde, The Americas, Red Faces, Liberty Ship, John Hassall & The April Rainers, Arcades, Plastic People, No Hot Ashes, Mint, Calum Lintott, The Surrenders, Naropa, The Jackobins, Medicine Men, Creeping Jean, West Of The Sun, Surge, Misfires, Slowlights, Of Empires, Heavy Suns.

All important.also, is the vibrant and inclusive atmosphere which the united fans of these artists create, nicknamed ‘TheZone’. This stage is already being hailed as “a festival within a festival” by various tipsters, before the first note has been played.

With high octane, guitar fuelled fun at it’s core, this is where to find your favourite new artists. Every name on this bill has a word of mouth buzz, courtesy of astounding live performances earning a spot on this line up that future legends are made of.

“The Jack Rocks programme continues to shine a light on the headliners of tomorrow. Head to the Jack Rocks Isle Of Wight stage in partnership with Britain’s biggest rock ‘n’ roll night, This Feeling to see the best new music.” (Isle Of Wight Festival)

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The Wytches, Superfood, more: This Feeling I.o.W. this weekend