Yehan Jehan releases moving track ‘The Movements and Ripples Between Me And You’

Yehan Jehan releases moving track ‘The Movements and Ripples Between Me And You’




“Hazy, woozy, and highly inventive…” – Clash

“the musician who fuses slick 80s pop with funk, hip hop and psych rock.” – Wonderland

boy wonder swallows his dad’s soul and funk record collection whole, and gives it his own cosmic spinGuardian

“hot tip.” – The Sunday Times


YEHAN JEHAN releases new track ‘The Movements and Ripples Between Me And You’ today. It is taken from his forthcoming debut EP ‘Expansions’, which is released on 1st December and was written, recorded and produced by Yehan himself.

Yehan wrote ‘The Movements and Ripples Between Me and You’ when he was just 16. “At the time I was discovering 60’s bands who combined classical music with contemporary pop,” he explains. “This song was a moment to take out the Cello and incorporate it into my music. I normally don’t go back in time with songs, but with this one I felt I had to give it an ending and a spot on the EP. It’s faithful to the original demo and it has a special place in my friends’ hearts.”

Filtered through his experimental melodic lens, the eight songs featuring on the EP run the gamut from slick 80s pop (first single ‘Swallow The Horizon’, ‘Phantom’s Beat’) to gospel beach funk (‘Eat Me Alive’), urban neo soul (current track ‘Freaking Out’), pastoral psychedelic folk (‘The Movement And Ripples Between Me And You’) and slow motion adventures (‘Tired One/Light Speed’). Thematically they’re just as varied; Yehan found the lyrics of this batch of tunes falling into three categories, the “fictional and dreamlike”, more personal songs “related to love and heartbreak and mind games” and songs “tackling my stance at the world right now”.

So ‘Eat Me Alive’ concerns frustrations with city life and ‘Our Day Will Come’ was written in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks. “It’s based in the ethereal world,” he says. “I was lost for a few weeks, like ‘what do we do? I can’t write anything after that’.” Meanwhile ‘Phantom’s Beat’ takes on the moribund music scene. “The ‘Phantom’ here is an entity that chooses to haunt you musically by parading around you and your life with this mixture of everything contrary to your taste. A sort of paranormal musical activity that messes with your senses. Just don’t fall prey to its beat!”

His more personal relationship songs, like his self-made artwork and videos, have something of a cosmic bent. “On my visual side I’ve always been attracted to space and beyond the vortex,” he says, claiming that any video idea he came up with himself would probably cost way too much. “I’m quite spiritual, I’ve studied meditation and the sense of self and detachment from ego, subjects that I talk about sometimes. ‘RA’ is all about energy and the power of the sun and light and life. The sun is a sentient being, so I personified the sun within the song. I’m trying to arrange us to meet face to face. There is also the realization that it will one day destroy the tiny blue dot we’re on, but for now it’s always there and we keep a nice balance.”

Hence plenty of references in ‘RA’ and ‘Swallow The Horizon’ to the women he’s infatuated by as sun goddesses and sources of positive energies. “These female characters hold a higher power than me or any man. The video for ‘Swallow The Horizon’ has that, there’s all these females and they’re guiding forces. I’m all up for that, to show that it’s balancing out, it’s changing. The world has been so male dominated and I’m up for it being the opposite. Female energy is more healing for the world, it’s male energy that’s created so much evil in the world.”

Of the title, Yehan says, “I decided to name this EP to reflect something which I personally find is a very comforting notion in life. Amidst the occasional, irrational, sometimes frequent feelings we carry of doubt, our fears, our frustrations, it is vital that we become more of ourselves and we do that through expansion. Expansion is a part of everything. A tree, your hair, knowledge and information, what you love and hate, are all subject to expansion. If there is a meaning to life, it’s to expand in every field and it will forever be that way. I like that feeling.”

Born in North London to musical Bosnian parents, Yehan Jehan began writing, recording and producing his own material in his bedroom from the age of 14. “I’ve been composing since I was really little,” he says, “so I’ve always known what the structure is and had the ability to piece bits together. With the computer it became a whole extension of being able to arrange and produce. Those are elements I’ve practiced alongside the instruments, so it’s really important to me. Production for me is just as important as the song, it can go so many ways. I’ve been through so many albums over the last ten years, I had all these phases.”

Yehan Jehan combines ten years of musical development through classic funk, hip-hop, psych rock, rock‘n’roll and 60s/70s film music into an intoxicating ultramodern stew.

On stage he performs with a 5-piece ensemble and will be announcing live dates for 2018 soon.


Track Listing

1. Swallow The Horizon

2. Freaking Out

3. Phantom’s Beat

4. Tired One / Light Speed

5. Eat Me Alive

6. The Movements and Ripples Between Me & You

7. RA

8. Our Day Will Come


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Yehan Jehan releases moving track ‘The Movements and Ripples Between Me And You’