Young Dreams share video for ‘My Brain On Love’ + new track ‘Wildwind’, detail second album

Young Dreams share video for ‘My Brain On Love’ + new track ‘Wildwind’, detail second album

Young Dreams share video for ‘My Brain On Love’ + new track, ‘Wildwind’

Second album, ‘Waves 2 U’, released Friday

“A fittingly epic statement of purpose” Pitchfork
“Truly dreamy” NME
“Norweigan dream pop collective…that young, dream combination” Guardian
“A testament to youthful uncertainty” Interview Magazine
“A mercurial group…a wonderfully seductive return” CLASH


Young Dreams have released the video for ‘My Brain On Love’, which arrives alongside new track Wildwind’ today. The band’s beautiful second album, ‘Waves 2 U’, is out this Friday.
Young Dreams is the brainchild of Matias Tellez, the Bergen-born and based wunderkind who has been an ever present figure on the Norwegian music scene since the tender age of 14. He first gained notoriety with a series of charming singles and two studio albums in his teens, before joining forces with a bunch of his friends from the scene around the legendary and now long gone Bergen pub Vamoose. The result was Young Dreams, the perfect vehicle for Tellez’ startlingly mature and über melodic teenage symphonies. Shortly after releasing their first set of singles, the band were signed to Modular Recordings in 2011. Their 2013 debut album ‘Between Places’ garnered international critical acclaim and the band also won a Norwegian Grammy for their efforts.
Life was seemingly sweet for Tellez and his compatriots, but after contracting viral meningitis at a Croatian festival, and at the same time entering what Matias himself describes as his “Macaulay Culkin phase”, ‘Waves 2 You’ was still a long time in the making. “I kind of stumbled around in a haze for a few years, and didn’t really focus fully on an album until I received an arts grant from the Norwegian government that recalibrated my head. And even though I scrapped the first version of the album altogether a couple of years ago, the final result is something I’m very proud of,” says Tellez.
Compared to the almost naive and gullible debut album, ‘Waves 2 You’ is a very different beast. On the opening track, ‘Cells’, the soaring vocals of lead singer Rune Vandaskog encapsulates the message Tellez wants to get across in the most haunting and beautiful way.
“While making our first album I was still very hopeful and curious. These songs are more about having arrived where you wanted to be, and discovering it was not what you thought it would be. ‘Cells’ is about the greek mythology figure Icarus, which probably says it all,” Tellez smiles.
And from there on, ‘Waves 2 You’ delivers moment after moment of stunning pop brilliance. The sunny, yet yearning ‘Wildwind’ and the cubist-like ‘My Brain On Love’ round off an irresistible opening trio of songs. But dissecting ‘Waves 2 You’ song by song is an almost futile exercise. This is very much an album that should be enjoyed as a coherent piece of music. In an age where streaming numbers and one-hit wonders dominate the airwaves, Tellez and his friends return from the wilderness with a fully shaped work of singular beauty, where elements from modern hip hop, 70s west coast pop and baroque harmonies co-exist as if they always were meant to be.

1. Cells
2. Wildwind
3. My Brain On Love
4. Somebody Else
5. Demolition
6. Sea One
7. Gun Of Light
8. Sea Two
9. Le Futur Qui Passe
10. Astral Plane
11. Boys
12. Take My Lungs
All songs are written and produced by Matias Tellez.

Young Dreams are:
Matias Tellez
Pablo Tellez
Rune Vandaskog
Njål Paulsberg
Marius Erster Bergsen

LISTEN to Wildwind:

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Young Dreams share video for ‘My Brain On Love’ + new track ‘Wildwind’, detail second album