YOUNG FATHERS: in Paris on June 13th

YOUNG FATHERS: in Paris on June 13th



White Men Are Black Men Too

Released 04/06/15

Big Dada / Pias

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Between the success of their US and British tour YOUNG FATHERS found time to stall a date in PARIS on June 13th at La Maroquinerie.

The surfing group critical acclaim for several months after winning the Mercury Prize 2014, are back with their new album Black Men White Men Are Too.

Revealed in France during their concert at Inrocks Festival 2013 YOUNG FATHERS has since continued to survey the scene and existing criticism, proof is with the many articles that recognizes the immense talent of the trio also welcoming the arrival of their new album White Black Men Are Men Too.

Stream Shame:

iberia, Nigerian and Scottish and compose the trio Young Fathers, one of the best surprises come from the experimental hip hop long ago. Drawing from rabies, darkness, melancholy, sensuality and hope, Young Fathers gives rise to underground pop songs, each in turn sweaty, sexy, dark and deviant.

Rain Or Shine


01. Still Running

02. Shame

03. Feasting

04. 27

05. Rain Or Shine

06. Sirens

07. Old Rock n Roll

08. Nest

09. Liberated

10. John Doe

11. Dare Me

12. Get Started

Winners of the Mercury Prize 2014 for their first try “Dead”, their second album, “White men are Black Men too” is available since April 6 on Big Dada / PIAS.–2/82654,126402.php

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YOUNG FATHERS: in Paris on June 13th