Ysgol Sul – ‘Eventide’ EP (Out 30th of September)

Ysgol Sul – ‘Eventide’ EP (Out 30th of September)

West Wales three piece Ysgol Sul are due to self-releasing their first collection of English language songs –“Eventide”- on 30/09/17. Brought together by a mutual love of the 90s underground, Iolo Jones (singer, guitarist), Llew Davies (drummer), Cian Owen (bass guitar), formed Ysgol Sul in 2014. Your first introduction to Ysgol Sul, just might have been one of several singles, as well an EP called ‘Huno’, the band has managed to earn a cult following within the Welsh language scene.

Informed that ‘Eventide’ is a stark departure from the slacker and languor of their debut EP, and introduces a touch of darkness to the bands dreamy sound, arguably aided with a slight dead pan vocal style, evoking thoughts of Morrissey or a McCullough, no bad thing in my kiltered opinion.

 The EP opens with ‘Silhouette’ – a song with evokes a sense of yearning yet one of the band’s jangliest songs to date. Followed by ‘Promise Me’ sees a return to the trio’s early surfy sound, drenched in reverb, both tracks leave the listener in a positive afterglow. Where as  ‘Elsewhere’ sounds darker and brighter, a union of haunting distant vocalisations coupled with a fierce unrelenting beat.

Ysgol Sul could be another band that might notice the clouds first against a blue sky, but I humbly suggest they have two or more creative strings to their bow, something the ‘Eventide’ EP shows in part, suspect to hear a lot more of Ysgol Sul, in an unfair world, the trio are a tonic. 8.6/10




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Ysgol Sul – ‘Eventide’ EP (Out 30th of September)